The Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Poker

Poker is a game of luck and strategy but it is also and above all a game in which you have to know how to control your nerves. After several hours of play you can make mistakes without realizing it, especially when you are a debutant player. To prevent these mistakes from harming you, it is better to know them and learn to avoid them. Americas Top Casino Website gives all bonus offers for casino games and it is very much useful for casino gamer.


Being on Tilt is a particular psychological state in which the affected player literally loses a screw. It is not about playing some hands a little bit badly or less than usual, this is much more serious. A player in Tilt is completely overwhelmed to the point of following or raising hands with which he would have retired without hesitation if he had been in his normal state. Usually, you stay on Tilt when you have just made a bad play or when you feel invincible after a long series of wins.


-Playing too many hands

Poker professionals generally only play 20% of the hands, or one in five. In fact, the players who win more often are those who play less.

But when they go in one hand they do it thoroughly. On the other hand there is no need to regret having spent a bad hand that would have ended on a ladder for example.


– Be a passive player at the poker table

The passive loser has a very strange game. His motives are unknown but he does the opposite of what is advised: he “calls” when he has a bad game and does a “raise” when his game is good. Your opponent can win with patience and resolve, no need to use complicated strategies against such a player.

You do not have to be passive at a poker table. The only possibility that the passive player has to win is to have a winning hand, which does not happen often as it can be withdrawn under the pressure of a more aggressive player.


– Do not play depending on the number of opponents on the table

It is a key principle that must be taken into account and difficult to evaluate when you are debutant. More players are at the table, the less a hand can be strong. Your chances of winning against a single player are 75%. In front of 9 players this probability falls to 20%. At the beginning of a game it is recommended to be prudent. As you progress in the game you can start taking risks.


– Play at the wrong level

It will not give any positive results. First you will not feel comfortable at the time of betting since it will paralyze you to see the important sum of money that there is in the boat. Second, you will surely face better and more experienced players. It is very important to know how to manage your bankroll. A tips never enter a table with more than 1/5 of your capital.


– Give too much importance to the Aces

Generally the Ace is only valid if accompanied by a high card. As-5 for example is not a big deal. In a table of 6 people one of every two times another player has an Ace in hand. And the predictable would be that your second card is higher than your 5. Fewer players are at the table, more value has an Ace.


– The blinds are stolen

In tournament mode the blinds increase. At the end of the game the blinds are very high, which encourages players to put All-in. Sometimes beginners lose a lot of poker chips waiting for a good hand. Do not hesitate, for example you have to be very aggressive when the big blind represents 1/5 of your chip pot.


– Play impulsively

Never bet on an impulse or a hunch. Your game must be thorough and thoughtful.


– Do not adapt your game to the pot of your opponents

It frightens the Short Stacks, but above all, protects you from the Big Stacks. I choose your hands well to attack them. In a poker tournament, the selection of your opponents is paramount to your survival. In general, you should avoid difficult situations to minimize the risk. In short, the weak are attacked and the strong are expected.


– Bluffing very often

A bluff is can be useful to win. In some moments of the game, bluffing can pay, especially when adopting an offensive strategy with weak cards. The total lantern is the aggressive game with the weakest hand of the table and without great possibility of improvement. The semi-bluff as for him is to raise the bet on a weak hand but with chances of improvement in the Flop, Turn and River. Bluffing is the art of hiding your game.


You also have to avoid bluffing too often, an always good game is impossible and all players will know sooner or later if they insist. To avoid it, do not always bluff the same players; do not fight for small and insignificant boats and show firmness when you have to pass or withdraw, then your bluffs will be more credible. The lantern is the safest way to keep your opponents in uncertainty.


A player reputed to be bluffing will receive less raise if he knows how to use his art well because it will be impossible to know if he has good or bad cards. The frequency of the lanterns determines their effectiveness, you have to find the balance and know how to bluff at the right time. Bluffing against a persistent player who responds to the raise until the end of the hand is revealed to be a dangerous game,


– Give too much importance to luck

The luck sure exists, but it can disappear in the long term. Nobody has more luck than others. You have to believe in the odds and your strategy and not in your good luck.


– Do not look at your opponents

It is important to have good analytical skills and to know the probabilities well, but if you do not observe your opponents at the table, you will make the wrong decisions. His ways of betting tells moments of anguish or joy.


– Do not take into account the position on the table

It is always more comfortable to talk after the others. The value of a hand varies according to your position at the poker table.


– Do not be careful with beginners

Beginners do not take into account notions of strategy or probabilities. They are able to continue to the count with a pair of 2, which became a trio in the River!

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