Rekoppoker Tournament

This month of June we have a novelty for all our students and friends. In the casino of Aranjuez we will celebrate the first Rekoppoker tournament.


For this first tournament we wanted to meet two conditions:

  • Affordable price
  • Duration of a single day

Regarding the first point, we have considered that € 30 is an appropriate price so that everyone can play it. So decided.


In relation to the day of game we had clear that it would have to be in weekend. After talking with the Casino de Aranjuez, the easiest way was to celebrate it on a Friday. The price of € 30 led us to try that the tournament was round: € 30 entry, 30,000 starting chips and levels of 30 minutes.


We saw that we had to make a structure that could combine the thirties. Since the Halloween Terrorific Tournament was held at the Costa Brava Casino, we had not had the opportunity to put into practice the structure of the old high that was played there. What better occasion than a one-day tournament in which we did not want to do the same as everyone else.


By having highs before, and starting these in the first level, we would force the game from the beginning and remove the “not worth at all” levels that are in all the tournaments. Playing with 300BB without before when six hours later you have to play it because the average is 10BB is not very congruent. Better to put cane at the beginning.


Since this structure is not proven, we will modify it as we see the results, but we expect there to be a continuous flow of eliminations that keeps the average at an acceptable value.


Being a one-day tournament, several levels will go through the air, but we believe that it is better to have 30 minutes, which guarantees a return at least at each level, than to put them at 20 and there are times when you put one blind and the next more than double In any case, as we have said, we will adjust them for the following events.


The Rekoppoker School in London

APAT has once again celebrated its WCOAP (World Championship of Amateur Poker) at Aspers Casino in London. This year they have extended to ten days and twenty events, for all tastes, with a variety of modalities and including as always the Team Event for nationalities in which for years we participated representing Spain together with friends or students.


The events are very affordable, 55 pounds all except the Main, Team and High Roller, giving the opportunity to try beginners such as Stud, PLO8, Crazy Pineapple, Irish, HORSE or Heads Up. In all of them they gave medals to three finalists and bracelet for the winner.


The team event this year has not gone well in the rounds of PLO8, Texas Hold’em and Omaha nor were we anywhere near the Best Player. However, in the final multi-table tournament, Alberto and Juan reached the final table, where we had the opportunity of the bronze medal if both got a good score. We needed the German player to be eliminated; Tense moments when he left the table. But Alberto did not manage to double and Juan saw how KK lost against to not reach the necessary score. A pity, but every year the final situations in which the teams fight for the last points is very funny. Congratulations to Italy, Ireland and Germany who got the medals.


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