Professional Poker Texas Hold’em without Limit

Until now there was a big gap in Spanish poker books dedicated to cash. It is true that there is the Carreno Manual, free distribution and that Alea Publications years ago edited  Secrets of Hold’em without limit. However, although useful, none of them can be considered a suitable manual for cash Texas Hold’em, since the first one is focused on micro-limits, and the second focuses on a short table.


For years, when they asked us for a recommendation for a specific book for cash, we had to recommend books in English, the most relevant being Professional No Limit Hold’em, a best seller title in the United States and which developed the bases of the study of this modality being also the most sold cash title in our store.



One of the particularities of Texas Holdem without limit is that it is quite simple to learn. A relatively recent modality with respect to the history of poker, which nevertheless has become the most practiced for this reason, and which has greatly contributed the broadcast of the tournaments on television.


However, despite the number of players that Texas attracts without limit, the vast majority do not know how to play to win regularly, but rather depend on luck, seeing how in one hand they lose everything they have won in several, without Realize that these discovered poker modalities cannot be equated to other games of chance and that they have an optimal game strategy.


Matt Flynn, Sunny and Ed Miller developed in this book three indispensable concepts to play cash Texas Hold’em without limit the REM process compromise threshold and the SPR.


Starting from these three concepts, they teach how to play as a poker professional: the correct size of the bets, control the pot, manipulate the rivals, know when to go there or when to throw, and especially not to make big mistakes that cost a lot expensive


Professional poker Texas Hold’em without limit, joins the other books of our publisher, being the ninth title of our catalog with The mental game of poker, our first book published, and titles already edited: The mentality of the poker player, the two volumes of Harrington in Hold’em, the two of How to win poker tournaments, Texas Holdem odds and odds, and Omaha Advanced Concepts.




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