The Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Poker

Poker is a game of luck and strategy but it is also and above all a game in which you have to know how to control your nerves. After several hours of play you can make mistakes without realizing it, especially when you are a debutant player. To prevent these mistakes from harming you, it […]

The Most Common Scam of Online Poker

When two or more players cooperate on the table, this is known as collusion or collusion. It manifests itself in different ways, for example through a simple player called as a simple move, through secretly communicating the cards and generally stealing the money.   For this cooperation to be beneficial, you need to invest time. […]

The History of Poker Chips

We all have in mind the image of a game of poker in the old west with wide-brimmed hats and wooden tables, and that is where, at the end of the nineteenth century, the first games in New Orleans began, together to the Mississippi River.   At that time to bet, coins or gold nuggets […]